Future Classroom is an integration of physical and virtual learning spaces for enabling high quality learning experiences. This facility at UiA campus Grimstad, supports both on-campus and off-campus learners using a combination of Internet-connected  large scale multi-touch multi-user interactive learning surfaces and personal computing devices.

The classroom offers many possibilities to increase meaningful interactions for effective collaborative learning and co-creation of knowledge. It is equipped with multi modal digital collaboration and communication tools as well as movable furniture, power and data connections for flexible classroom arrangements. While the classroom is primarily intended for teaching and learning, it also supports investigations into technology enhanced learning and trans formative pedagogy for the 21st century.

Learners and facilitators take part in educational research, the usability and user experience research with a focus on the affordances of future interactive media technologies for education. With a 25 people sitting capacity, the classroom features among other things, a 9-meters wide interactive wall, which supports natural user interactions, cloud-based real-time streaming and resources sharing.

The Future Classroom welcomes members of the public, academia and business communities to experience the opportunities and explore the potentials of teaching and learning in a futuristic spaces with state-of-the art hardware and software solutions.

“The future classroom is not for teaching, but learning”



Nureva is an innovative project that is primarily designed for group projects and collaboration with others. Our current Nureva setup is made of 3 screens that combine a touch pad with an ultra short throwing HD projector, which connects into one large 9 meter long screen using the Span application.

The Nureva Wall and Span Workspace are made for teams with collaboration at their core, it combines to create powerful, physical and virtual collaboration spaces.
Span Workspace is a cloud-based solution that lets you create an unlimited number of digital canvases to visualize ideas and map processes.
Familiar tools, including sticky notes, sketches, images and templates,
 help you shift from paper to digital collaboration without compromising your proven processes

The Prowise is a TV with a touchscreen and an integrated computer, it allows users to interact with their projects with their bare hands! 

With 4K resolution and high grade speakers it is easily one of the most high-tech TV devices to date and can be used to teach both children and adults. All Prowise screens have anti-scratch and anti-smudge technology so feel free to start learning.

The modern whiteboard! 

With the SMARTboard you have the possibility to write and draw with a silk smooth touch with the option for easy sharing and download of your boards to your Android or IOS phone. 

Flexible classroom

With HÅG capisco office chair and Dencon adjustable table the teacher and students are able to stand or sit while working together.

Wish to start using the equipment?

Check out our info page and manual to get started!


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